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Все было красиво и ничего не больно

All Entries are Locked from Clients

Ivan Braginsky
30 December 1984

Contrary to what others tell you, my name is not 'crazy.' Some call me crazy, but I prefer the term 'insane.' You see, the difference between the crazy and the insane is that the crazy do not know they are crazy, and the insane do. I would not refer to myself as 'crazy'; simply 'passionate.' The real test is finding the cracks in my smiles and deciphering between the honest grins, and the deceitful smirks. Would you like to take a chance? Also, could I schedule you an appointment? What better way to be psychoanalyzed than from someone they call 'psycho'. Oh, and have I mentioned? I'm the only psychiatrist in Liberty.

Name: Ivan Vladmirovich Braginsky
Nation: The Russian Federation // The Soviet Union
Age: 27
DOB: December 30th, 1984
Hometown: Moscow, Russia
Family: Vladmir and Anastasia Braginsky, Natalia and Yekaterina.

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